#SweatAtMoxy Presents Modrn Sanctuary

#SweatAtMoxy Presents Modrn Sanctuary

The Fleur Room

#SweatAtMoxy is excited to present Modrn Sanctuary!

Join us for a free rooftop meditation class with Modrn Sanctuary, featuring breathtaking views of Manhattan inside The Fleur Room, Moxy Chelsea’s rooftop lounge.

There is a center within ourselves that remains still regardless of the turmoil of our lives. It is from this center that we practice meditation.

It takes practice to begin to feel that you are meditating correctly. This class will help you to access that feeling right away, so you can focus on going deeper into an altered state of mind that will nourish and restore you. No previous meditation experience necessary.

Please RSVP here, utilizing MOXYGUEST to receive a comp’d ticket.